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“We are very pleased with your product. We never realized a water softener could make so much difference in the use and taste of water. Your representative did a superb job demonstrating the product and he was very professional and knowledgeable. I commend him highly.”

Calvin & Thelma Jones
Orlando, FL


“To whom it may concern-
I have seen a great difference in the water ever since I bought the water softener. I came from New York and the water there is very good. I’ve been living in Kissimmee, FL for 4 years and I remember one day a lady calling me from your company and asking me if my body used to itch because of the water here. I said no but the truth was that she was right, since I got your product I have seen a great difference my body doesn’t itch as much and the water is better for my daughter came from NY right after I got the water softener installed and she noticed the big difference and asked me what was new in the house and I told her and she said because the water doesn’t smell like before. I am happy with my decision. Thank you.”

Ana Adams
Kissimmee, FL


“To Whom It May Concern:
My husband and I moved our family to Florida in January from Massachusetts. I noticed after the first couple if months the change in my hair which is color treated but most importantly the change in my children’s hair from soft and silky to dull and straw like. After two days of using my water treatment system I noticed a huge difference in my, my husbands and children’s hair and skin. We went from straw to beautiful silky shiney hair and I no longer need moisturizer for my skin. If this isn’t amazing enough, my 7, 5, and 3 year old ask to drink water for the very first time. They actually choose it over juice! We are all absolutely thrilled with pure clean water and I can only look forward to the future benefits.”

Elizabeth Lowry
St. Augustine, FL


“My water conditioner has brought us nothing but pleasure since its installation. I could not be more excited about a product than I am about this one. Having worked for Culligan Water Conditioning for ten years, I was a real skeptic that this product could measure up. Well, all the skepticism is gone. In my opinion, this product surpasses the competition hands down. I know I will enjoy my equipment for years to come, and I have told all my friends and relatives about how wonderful this product is. It's the best investment we could have made. ”

Judy L. Testani
Deland, Florida