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Terminator ®

Whether you're on vacation or have a house full of guests, the Puronics® Terminator® effectively monitors your water usage, so it knows how much you've used and exactly when it needs to regenerate. Both the water conditioner and its high density impact resistant brine tank are guaranteed by a lifetime limited warranty. Even consumers with the most challenging water supplies depend on Great Southern Water Treatment to meet their needs with the highest quality water and most efficient performance available.

The Terminator® Series Water Conditioner features Puronics® HYgene® Bacteriostatic Filter Media, a NASA technology. The Terminator® series is the only stainless steel Bacteriostatic water conditioner on the market that has been certified to NSF/ANSI44 standards. Puronics® Terminator’s® exclusive high capacity resin removes hardness and reduces iron. EPA registered HYgene carbon inhibits bacteria growth within the whole house water system, and provides conditioned fresh water throughout your entire household! The Puronics® Terminator® water conditioner is the intelligent solution to supplying high quality water in a cost efficient manner.

Puronics Terminator Water Conditioner - Great Southern Water

Key Features:

Metered Regeneration Control
Great Southern Water State-of-the-art technology provides salt savings of up to 40% over conventional systems
Great Southern Water Automatically meters any change in water usage
Great Southern Water Initiates regeneration cycle only when ion exchange media nears exhaustion
Great Southern Water Saves on salt consumption, water usage and sewage taxes
6-Cycle Lead Free Brass Control Valve
Great Southern Water Durable, corrosion resistant construction
Great Southern Water Guarantees years of trouble-free operation
Great Southern Water 1" control for higher flow rates
Great Southern Water Downflow brining system ensures minimum water usage during each regeneration cycle
Great Southern Water Accurately measures required salt dosage for extremely efficient regeneration process
High-Capacity S-759 Resin
Great Southern Water Superior hardness removal as compared to conventional media
Great Southern Water Uses less salt and water for more efficient regeneration cycles
Great Southern Water Monospheric resin design ensures higher flow rate through resin bed
By-pass Valve Option
Great Southern Water Allows water flow to by-pass the water conditioning system
Great Southern Water Ideal for applications not requiring conditioned water such as watering lawns

The only stainless steel whole house water conditioner registered by the Federal EPA

Hy-gene Bacteriostatic Filter Media. NASA’s Technology at work in your home. Incorporates Technology used aboard the NASA Space Shuttle Orbiters