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Common Water Problems

Chlorinated Water

Chlorine is mixed with organic materials in the water as a disinfectant; however, it creates trihalomethane, a compound that is associated with a severely increased risk of bladder cancer and an even higher risk of rectal cancer. Trihalomethanes (THMs) are generally related to water treatment and distribution byproducts such as pipes, fixtures and treatment chemicals. The reason for the use of THMs are to control pathogens in the drinking water by adding chlorinated disinfectants. Wouldn’t you feel healthier to know Great Southern Water’s Ionic filtration system cleans your drinking water and ensures your family’s safety? Chlorine can also cause laundry to break down and fade at a much more rapid pace than with an Ionic’s filtration system.

Stinky Water

The most common cause for the better known “rotten egg smell” or “rust smell” is Sulfur. Sulfur in your water can cause you to have to pay for costly repairs. Sulfur creates issues upon anything metal in your home. This includes your appliances, electrics, plumbing pipes, plumbing faucets and everything else metal it can grab onto. A Great Southern Water Ionics filtration system saves you from those costly repairs and replacements by simply removing the sulfur from your water.

Water Stains

Water Stains can be one of the most time consuming regrets you will have. Iron stains leave a reddish brown stain on fixtures, laundry, and more that are very difficult to remove and take a higher amount of physical effort to eliminate. Iron also has a negative effect on food and beverages. Iron can cause tea and coffee to become thicker in appearance as well as darker and produces a bitter and unacceptable taste. Along with tea and coffee, iron also darkens the appearance of vegetables cooked in water with high levels. This causes food to appeal less appetizing. The Ionics filtration system removes the iron reducing the possibility of noticeable iron bacteria in showers faucets and toilets. The slime residue iron creates is offensive and can cause odors as well as cause plumbing clogs. With an Ionics filtration system you can avoid these costly repairs and installments.

Hard Water

This condition also creates problems in terms of plumbing. Mineral deposits of calcium and magnesium clog pipes and ruin hot water tanks. Hard water is also the culprit for the commonly detested soap scum phenomenon. This is created by the curdling of soap. Ionics filtration systems allow for water to dissolve soap rather than curdling. Hard water also damages your appliances, clothes, and can lead to more costly repairs that could have been avoided.

Great Southern Water is dedicated to supplying the most secure and cost effective drinking water filtration systems and equipment available.